Friday, March 5, 2010


Hello. I know it's been forever since I posted. Lots of stuff has gone on, and I have an announcement:

I have moved. You can now find me at

Note: Thalia Cross was a pseudonym I used because I was uncomfortable showing my real self to the world. Well, a lot has changed. My real name is Becca, and I hope to hear from you at livejournal!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nearing the End of Winter Break

Oh wow, its been a while since I last posted. I'm sorry to those who actually take an interest this blog.

Winter Break is almost over, and the second half of the school year is about to begin. Graduation is looming ever closer and the end of the year crazyness is about to begin. Military ball in February, Prom, Graduation and of course balancing it all with classes. I hope it will go relatively smoothly. I have help, thankfully.

Also around to help is my boyfriend, the best boy ever to be found. He was born and raised in the South, and maybe it was stereotypical of me, but I had reservations about telling him I was Pagan. He is very much Christian, but he took it all in stride and it doesn't bother him in the slightest. I love him all the more for it.

This (school) year has gone better than I could have hoped for in my best expectations, so I hope it will continue down that route, and the coming year as well.

If I don't post again tomorrow, I wish to convey the happiest of blessings to everyone and hope the have a wonderful beginning to their new year.

Friday, September 11, 2009


School is insane!! JROTC is awesome but tiring, but I get to do Drill Team everyday, play with rifles, and slowly make friends with the people in my class. Most of the guys in my class are on Drill Team, so I get to see them twice a day, plus the art class I share with two of them. It's been a nearly a month or so since school started, and only now am I just barely starting to communicate and be friendly with them. Because they all know one another from Drill Team last year, when I wasn't there.

I particularly like three of them, one of whom is just a natural people person and was an instant friend, and the other two, who I see multiple times a day and are nice even though we aren't really friends, per se. school. That's all I can really say. It's been the most interesting year yet, and also the most boring. I'm on my own a lot, because people already have their groups they hang with here and there, and trying to work my way into one would really be a waste of time, because I don't know a lot of my friends' other friends, and nobody really makes time for the new person who just randomly showed up.

Everyone here has history together, and I'm somewhat on the inside, and yet most definitley stuck on the outside. But, despite my desire for companionship, I just don't know how to integrate myself enough into a group for them to take an interest in me.

Hopefully Drill Team will change that though...any advice?

Friday, August 28, 2009

On Movies and Books

Watching The Spiderwick Chronicles...I adore all of Holly Black's works. I know she cowrote this, but I forgot with whom for the moment. I love any urban/faerie fantasy like that. Cassie Clare, Neil Gaiman.

I love the Mortal Instrumants series, and have all of the Tithe series. Also, but not quite the same, is the Heir Trilogy, but Cinda Williams Chima. Warrior Heir, Wizard Heir, and Dragon Heir. Those were wonderful books. They've got everything you could want, but refreshinly unique.

Really not much to update, really, so when I do have something, talk to ya then! )O(

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Checking out a new home that as of now, is pretty much ours. My room is cool. There is a window that overlooks the land that we'll put the horses on. Dad says he'll put a slanted writing desk in for my art and stuff if my current desk doesn't fit.

We'll actually have a yard for the dogs to run in. Speaking of dogs, the neighbores have like five beagles and other assorted dogs. They're very loud. I can just see our dogs going nuts all the time in response.